Bridge Recovery is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) in North East Georgia co-founded by John and Shelley Sidders. John and Shelley found each other during their recovery journey and tied the knot in March 2015. Together, they've been navigating the joys and challenges of raising their blended family. When they moved to North East Georgia in 2021, they noticed the limited resources available for those seeking recovery. Fueled by their own gratitude for their journey, they decided to give back to the recovery community, becoming passionate advocates for change and support in their new community. Bridge Recovery advocates for our clients with peer-based experience and assistance. We're led by individuals in long term recovery who are committed to honoring all paths to recovery.
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Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure that anyone seeking recovery can, and will find it.
Our Goal
Our vision is to work beside our peers in a non-stigmatized environment, enabling them to recognize their potential and construct a life exceeding even their most ambitious dreams. We aim to collaborate with community partners who empower our peers to advocate against injustices faced by individuals with substance use and other co-occurring disorders.
Headshot of Shelley Sidders
Shelley Sidders
Executive Director

Shelley embarked on her journey of recovery in mid-1997, following years marked by substance abuse and trauma. Despite numerous setbacks, it took nearly a decade for her to wholeheartedly commit to her path of recovery. Since September 2007, she hasn't felt the need to turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with her emotions. After a lengthy career in management at a local restaurant chain, she retired in 2021. Co-founding BRIDGE Recovery. her aim is to ensure that anyone seeking recovery can indeed find it.

Headshot of John Sidders
John Sidders
President/ Board Chairman

John is deeply dedicated to the recovery community. In 2021, he played a pivotal role in founding BRIDGE Recovery in Cleveland, GA. Having been in long-term recovery since May 2005, he carries a compelling message of restoration.

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Daniel See
Peer Recovery Coach

Daniel See is a Peer Recovery Coach for Bridge Recovery. Daniel believes that recovery comes first in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since 2021, Daniel has been involved in multiple recovery groups, and has been available for guidance to those seeking recovery and internal wellness. As Residential Manager for a Sober Living Residence, he understands that there are many pathways to recovery and that a person must find the path best suited for themselves.

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Amanda Rider
Peer Recovery Coach

Since 2019, Amanda has wholeheartedly embraced her journey towards recovery, demonstrating unwavering commitment. Her motivation extends beyond battling addiction; she's actively pursuing further education within her recovery process. This dedication has led to a profound transformation in her life, filled with gratitude towards her family, friends, and the progress she's made in her recovery journey.

Headshot of Kim Nunn
Kim Nunn
Board member/ Secretary

A visionary for a better World who loves her husband, two adult children, corgi pup, and quite frankly, The human population!  She survived Government education (both hers and her children’s) and ended it with an Associate in Arts.  Kim tested the murky waters of drug addiction at a young age and was saved from that life via adolescent treatment and a couple of 12 Step Programs.  She has continued to give back to that community (which saved her) for 40 years and it has given back to her as well. Kim created her own cleaning business to be available to her children and others and grew it for 22 years.  She also explored sharing her art and love for repurposing décor through a small consignment adventure for 4 years.  Kim is always looking to better herself, her community and the World in however life presents itself for Giving is the Joy of living.

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Jimmy Nunn
Vice Chairman of the Board

Jimmy Nunn is a dedicated advocate for the Recovery Community, actively engaged since 1984. His recovery journey has paved the way for a fulfilling life, marked by a 34-year marriage, raising two exceptional children, and a successful career at the same company since 1991, where he now serves as a Technical Sales Executive. Outside of work, Jimmy enjoys various outdoor activities like hiking, golf, and kayaking, but cycling takes precedence in his free time. Looking ahead, his primary goal is to share the joy and happiness of recovery with as many people as possible.

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Claude Taylor
Board Member

Claude Taylor is a person in long-term recovery since 1981.  Claude has worked in the substance use disorder field in various capacities for a long time. Originally from Albany, GA he now resides in Cleveland, GA, and works in the Alcohol Use Disorder program as a Certified Peer Specialist and Recovery Coach, with Reboot Jackson, an RCO in Jefferson, GA. transporting peers who have medical and therapy appointments.

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Kevin Foley
Board Member and Treasurer

After decades of battling drug and alcohol abuse, Kevin embarked on a long-term recovery journey starting on May 8th, 2018, with support from the Veterans Administration. Since then, he has embraced a new way of life and has not felt the urge to turn to drugs, alcohol, or any other substances. Recovery has transformed Kevin's life in ways beyond expectation, and he carries a deep sense of gratitude

Recovery Support Services

We offer a variety of services and programs to help you along your path to recovery.

Education and Training

As part of our work in harm reduction, we work with the Georgia Overdose Prevention Project to supply Naloxone to those at risk.

Advocacy and Activism

We work in tandem with the Georgia Council for Recovery to help educate our community and destigmatize substance use disorders.
Financial Planning

We can help you learn how to set and follow a budget so that you never have to live in fear of another rainy day.

Housing Resources

Struggling to find secure housing? We'll help you find a safe home, and guide you through the rental process.

Naloxone Distribution

Are you or someone you know at risk of an overdose? We'll provide you with life-saving Narcan spray free of cost.

Group Meetings

We host multiple group meetings each week, to help you find the support you need to stay the course.

Workforce Preparation

Need help finding a steady job? Writing a resume? We're here to help you along your path to rehabilitation.

Peer Coaching

Individual meetings with a certified peer specialist, to help ensure you're meeting your recovery goals.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about finding the help that you deserve.
Do I have to be referred by a doctor or social worker to ask Bridge Recovery for help?
No. Individuals do not have to meet the DSM-V criteria for substance use disorder to request support. Any Adult, age 18 years or older, who self identifies as a person with substance use disorder may request support from us. The only requirement is a desire to recover from drug and alcohol use.
Do I have to commit to Bridge Recovery for a fixed amount of time in order to get support?
No, any individual who desires to leave or discontinue support may do so at any time.

Additionally any individual who fails to follow the guidelines of Bridge Recovery may be discharged.
Bridge Recovery will reserve the right to exclude individuals who exhibit dangerous behavior toward the staff, themselves, or others.
Does Bridge Recovery provide medical or clinical rehabilitation services?
No, Bridge Recovery will not provide clinical services, but will collaborate with participants to provide resources for such services if the individual desires.
Are there any fees associated with receiving support from Bridge Recovery?
Nope! Bridge Recovery does not charge individuals seeking support a fee of any kind; however, some of the services we might connect you with might require payment, but if you are unable, we will help work with you to find a solution.
I'm not in the area that Bridge Recovery services; what can I do?
You're still more than welcome to come to any meetings or events that Bridge Recovery Hosts, but you can also check on the Georgia Council for Recovery to find an RCO in your area, or contact us to be connected to a peer counselor who can direct you further.
Can I recieve Narcan free of cost from Bridge Recovery?
Yes, if you or a loved one is at risk for an overdose please contact us or Georgia Overdose Prevention to request a free Naloxone kit and training.

Still have questions?

Send us a message and we'll connect you with a certified peer counselor.

We'd like to thank our generous sponsors, who make all the work that we do possible.

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